This is an actualy thought that went through my brain the other day while sitting on my butt.

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March 12, 2014 | No Comments

    • Darwin’ monsters!


    • Finished motorcycle panel!


    • That same apartment drawing but animated and garishly colored!


    • I drew my old apartment from when I lived in Ansan, South Korea, probably the coolest apartment I’ll ever live in.


    • myssymind:

      who else is excited for clarence


    • More CENSUS storyboard stuff


    • Huh? Hello?


    • Boboboards


    • study-group:

      Hey guys. My stomach is all aflutter. We just launched the pre-order drive for the next batch of study buddies. You can get the new Farel Dalrymple comic IT WILL ALL HURT #2, Sam Alden’s HAUNTER, and the bigger and badder than ever Studygroup Magazine #3D with a bunch of radsters (in 3D!!) . If you like what we do, please consider helping us cover the printing costs for these badical books.


    • Don’t use your Oculus Rift when gangsters are trying to murder you, it’s just not safe. 

      I’m pretty happy with this drawing!