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Brood of the Outerfish pg. 99

    • Drawing some Akira fanarttt #akira #tetsuo #otomo #comics #illustration #drawing


    • More D&D marker monsters. #comics #illustration #drawing #dungeonsanddragons #d&d


    • Marker astronaut. #astronaut #drawing #doodle #postit #stickynote #cartoon


    • Zoom in. #comics #illustration #drawing #monster #dnd #d&d


    • Playing with markers. #comics #illustration #monster #d&d #dnd #drawing


    • Hands. #comics #illustration #drawing #draw #cartoonist


    • royalboiler:

      Yeah, I’ll get into it. I like this game— I’m a big advocate of not everything being for everyone. I’m in an amazing position where for the most part the only people who read what I do are the people who see value in it. (also people who are smart enough to get that drawing naked ladies and wanting to treat women like people are not opposing ideas) & the people who don’t like what I do are welcome to not read it. I am cool either way. 

       I say this with all sincerity:. If you’re so fucking satisfied reading the clean shits that corporate comics push out like clockwork—If the height of the artform is reached for you by endlessly recycled kid’s cereal box heroes from before you were born— built on the poorly compensated and ill treated backs of their creators.  Then why would you care what I do or what schedule me or my friends keep. How about you just don’t read anything with my name on it. Keep those 3 syllables out of your shit filled skull. Break the B key off your computer. Forget punky brewster ever had a dog.— never again taste that sweet sweet cracker, don’t even use the fucking metric system while you’re at it.  Maybe It’s not for you.

      And regarding Stokoe. Dude is still in his 20’s with a unique voice and 2 Wonton Soup books, Godzilla Half century war, an Orc Stain Trade and a recent Avengers comic. (look a Marvel book I liked!) but past that neither him or Nate Simpson owe you anything. How they pay their rent and spend their days has nothing to do with you— you entitled clown. 

      What makes an artist or a cartoonist in my opinion has very little to do with how many pages you run through a printer in your life. There are cartoonists who have never missed a month on the shelves whose work I wouldn’t take for free & there are unpublished cartoonists whose pages scanned onto the internet or seen in their sketchbook have changed my entire perception of what is possible in the medium. —or maybe they just did it for themselves and it;s not about you. 

      Man whoever wrote this ask is a grade A loser (and likely knows it), but Brandon Graham responds well. This kind of entitlement amongst fans of comics or any media is pathetic. James Stokoe, Brandon Graham, George R.R. Martin and whoever else don’t owe you or me jack shit.


    • Inking. Trying to be looser with this story? I dunno. #Comics #comics #illustration #drawing #art #cartoonist


    • More inking. #comic #comics #drawing #illustration #scifi


    • Inking. #comic #comics #illustration #drawing #scifi